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Scoter Sea duck hunting, White Wings, Common, Surf Scoters all in Alaska

Trophy Scoter Duck Hunting Alaska's Aleutian Islands

Surf Scoter


The 3 Scoters In Alaska Surf, Common and White Wing

Alaska offers some great fast paced decoying Scoter hunting in the Aleutian Islands and Alaska Peninsula.  Our professional duck hunting guides will put you on Oldsquaw, Harlequin, and Eiders in addition to Scoters during the late season.
 With remote locations in the Aleutian Islands, Island -X and Cold Bay, you are assured of a productive Scoter duck hunt. Duck hunters from around the world have hunted Scoters with great results. Surf Scoter Hunting in Alaska 

Surf Scoter Hunting in Alaska

There is a fall hunting season for Scoters we start hunting Scoters in Coldbay in Sept, Then we move out to the Aleutians in November which corresponds with the regular Alaska Sea duck hunting and waterfowl season. Our Scoters are harvested conservatively as allowing non-resident hunters to take only 4 per year as set by state- federal regulations.  We are offering new hunts in the Aleutians specializing in Scoters,Harlequins and 6 other trophy species.  These hunts start at $2400 per hunter.  We Hunt Scoters in The Aleutians from Nov 1st-Dec 16 and Island -X from Dec 28-Jan 22. 100% of our hunters have had opportunities to limit out on Harlequins during either hunt.

Common or Black Scoters In the Aleutians 100% of our Hunters in 2009 had Opportunity to harvest Black Scoters. If your looking for the closest thing to a guaranteed Common Scoter hunt then the Aleutians islands is the place to hunt for Trophy Common Scoters and with a limit of 4 per season you are assured a great selection. Then add in the chance to hCommon Scoter hunting in Alaskaarvest 7- 9 other species of Alaska ducks all at a bargain price. WOW!Common Scoter hunting in Alaska






White winged scoter flying in Alaska Photo by Capt Jeff Wasley

White - WInged Scoter Hunting in Alaska

During the past few seasons in Alaska we have been harvesting some real nice White wing Scoters along with commons. Last year we had some real good hunts on Island X and Cold bay.




Common scoter hunting in Alaska Hunter Wayne M with a limit of Scoters from the AleutiansCommon,SUrf and White wing scoters with Guide Capt Jeff Wasleyo








2009 Aleutian Hunt Picture gallery

Choose the Professionals who are in the business full time not the wanna bees and talking heads following us after we have done all the work and pioneered Alaska's Premier X-Treme Duck hunting.

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